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Thank you Unbreakable and thank you Amy. I kinda remember the name but there were so many Amys and Aimees that I don’t really remember. Terrible because I think I’ve forgotten so many people from here.

I can relate to all you say Amy because I feel the same. Now with corona we all have a new worry and focus. I’m a bit numb about the whole things right now I think. OH wants me to try ACT Therapy. She’s spoke to colleagues and one is a clinical psych and he thinks it may be right for me. I need to get the guts to refer even though I know with all that’s going on right now I probably won’t be seen till quite some time.

I just feel useless most of the time. Like I’m a leach and a malingerer. I feel I have nothing to give anyone. I know inside that if I can start giving to myself things will change. whe the voice I your head constantly tricks you and tells you how useless you are it’s really hard to hear the words of others. It makes me feel like people just want to placate. Even though I seldom ever tell anyone how I feel it makes me feel like all I do is moan to the world.

Thank you for listening xx

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