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Originally Posted by pugdog View Post
*hugs* i know how much of a pain it is for meds to become ineffective, and going through the process of finding another combo to marginally help. It's not your fault they lose effect. I hope things get better for you soon. Again, i can relate to how you feel, you are not alone.

Thanks Brian. I hope youíre ok! Iím sorry youíre still having struggles too. You kinda hope all the old timers are all doing well.

Kat if you see this get in touch. Iíd like to know how youíre doing.

Iím failing. Iím stuck in an endless loop. I canít seem to get out of it either. My brain just doesnít work properly.

I keep thinking more and more about making marks. Iíve not done it for years now.

Are miracles possible?

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