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Stomach neck pain

Sometimes when i eat aloti get the usual full/tense feeling in my stomach and sometimes its accompanied by like my neck arteries pulsing? (hope i make sense)

So last night i ate a huge portion of chicken maryland and chips and i got the feeling as usual but it got really bad. And my heart was racing and my head just felt tense like it felt really pressured. I was slightly panicky which probably didn't help. I felt like I was gonna be sick but also pass out.

I eventually calmed down and woke up twice in the night with a really dry throat. also when i calmed down the symptoms didn't stop. Now all day i have had a constant tension running up my neck and the base of the back of my head just feels weird. (Kind of borderline painful)
My eyes feel like they just want to close but i don't feel any tired than i normally do.
Also like if i feel gas in my stomach or like swallow ii feel it in my stomach and then it goes up the back of my neck. My jaw feels kind of tense and sore aswell

Also in the morning before i had tea and all that my legs went tingly for hours and then it peaked at about 5pm in so much pain and then it just stopped. I don't think they are connected but I thought I should write it anyway.

I just wanted to ask if anyone has had something like this. Do you think I should go to the doctors?

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