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Thank you for the advice!

I'm not sure how to bring it up with them, since we haven't explicitly talked about it recently. We were able to discuss eating disorders before, but then I was recovered, and we were both talking about it in past tense.

I guess I could bring it up if we're having food together, perhaps if they say something regarding my eating again? I could bring up my issues and that I'm thankful that they care etc.

What sucks a bit is that they have a really demanding job which kind of affects their eating habits: they have lunch at work but by the time they get home, they're really hungry so they have very substantial meals in the evenings, which is also when we normally see each other(also bc of work.)

Outside support isn't really an option rn unfortunately, because I'm really struggling with everything else and have been without professional support for a year, so when I see my new psych, I'll have to focus on my PTSD which has really been awful lately.

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