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Relapse + Advice on communicating with partner

So, I'm going through a really rough patch right now. Everything seems to be going wrong all at once and I've relapsed, started restricting again...

I'm in a relationship with someone who used to have an ED maybe 15 years ago. They've pretty much figured out that I'm not eating properly, and I don't think they're reacting well.

I want to be clear that I'm not asking for advice on how to hide it from them or anything like that! But their reactions to my eating issues are a bit upsetting, although I know they stem from a deep care and worry for me.

They've snapped at me, addressed me quite harshly in an attempt to convince me to eat, and even, probably without realising it, guilt-tripped me into eating.

For the entirety of our relationship (which has been going on for most of this year), we've had a lot of nights in, having food and watching TV. We're still doing that regularly, and I do eat! But I do so very slowly, and can't eat too much(my appetite isn't huge, not just because of eating issues, but because I'm really stressed.) I really appreciate the fact that they make food for me, and that they care about me, but their constant pressure to eat more etc is anxiety inducing, and having the opposite effect to what they're probably hoping for.

How do I talk to them about this? How could they help me without pressuring me into eating?

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