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Unsure how much to exercise


It might be a bit unfair to post on this forum as I don't feel I have an eating disorder so much. As I am underweight though, after loosing weight a few years ago, I'm also really trying to gain weight at the moment. I'm just a bit unsure what approach to have towards exercise with the weight I'm currently at. I've read really mixed things online - some completely advising against exercising until a healthy BMI is reached, just focusing on eating more, but others suggesting including regular exercise is a much healthier approach to take and will in fact help the process. Although I know it depends on the type of exercise. I know I would definitely like to begin incorporating more strengthening sessions (e.g. with weights) once I've gained a bit more weight so that I put on muscle as well as fat but I'm unsure when to begin this.

Would hugely appreciate any advice! Thank you so much.

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