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Feeling Bad For Taking Medication


At the moment I’m feeling really bad for being on and needing medication. At present I’m on:

A fixed dose of 200mg Quetiapine a day but can take upto 350mg a day if needed
150mg Lamotrigine a day
200mg Sertraline a day
150mg Pregabalin a day
Lorazepam 2.5mg tablets as PRN (upto once a day)

On one hand I feel bad for being on medication and that I should be able to cope without it by now. On the other hand I’ve really been struggling with my anxiety and never want to go back to the point I was at in 2018 when I took a serious overdose and spent 5 days in ICU and a further 5 days on another medical ward in the hospital. I still experience suicidal thoughts some days.

I don’t have anyone really to discuss this with. The NHS Psychiatrist I was seeing has discharged me from her outpatient clinic because she doesn’t think I need her and she had to reduce her caseload due to Coronavirus (she is also a Clinical Director at the NHS Trust so has lots of responsibilities). My GP surgery aren’t very helpful at the best of times and I often just end up speaking with a different locum every time I make contact.

I know people can’t give medical advice on here. I just wondered whether anyone ever feels bad/a failure for needing medication especially if needed long term? A psychiatrist I used to see once said to me that some people need to stay on medication to remain stable and that there is no shame in that but I still feel a failure.

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i do not always manage to be around but i wish you all the very best - love and luck to you all!

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