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Crisis litrally said apparently the plan from discharge from.cmht was long term therapy.

I have dug out a few of the work booklets i has yes. But i still found it helpful to talk to someone who knew me and could have me rationalise things when i was finding things hard and to almost point me in the right directions in relation to dbt skills.

It doesnt feel like it though. In nov. I ended up in a and e and i was worried i would do something. So i went there. Spoke to crisis who said i needed to stay thwre and be assessed. I was given the option of admission or go home. I told them i didnt want admission. But backed out of telling them i did t feel i would be safe at home.

Left at 1am and by 08:30 that morning i was back there having oded. The team said everything was open including admission but i declined and then thats when the help should have started to take shape over the month but didnt.

The nurse who assessed me said i do fine for a while then i go into crisis then do fine for a while ( a while been 6 months plus). But when i was cmht i did have a couple of crisis. Worried i couldnt keep myself safe bit didnt actually act on the thoughts. As the time they scared me where as in nov i guess it was more 'fuck it type thing.
Short term just seeing someone often.

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