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Her only suggestion for a new therapist human was someone who is impossible. I emailed to ask just in case but she is about to be gone for 3-4 months and even when she comes back she is 180$ each time to see. I can't even afford my rent and normal bills as is.

When our last therapist human kicked us out it took 20-30 places and people who said no and or to see our therapist human who is leaving. Everyplace else I did not try was because I'd already been kicked out or told no. There is literally nobody in this fucking city who was willing to take me on and that was only with being trans and having an ed diagnosis. Now with the new ones too that wouldn't get better plus not talking on top of that.

Our current therapist human was literally our last chance and the only one who did not say no. She knew that. Now she is leaving.

I literally just wanted one thing to go right and work out. I didn't think that was such an impossible standard to have to not be dead. But it apparently was because nothing ended up working out.

You can't always keep it separate.
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