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Camden, in my opinion you being dead would most certainly be the worst case scenario. I know how much you hate the hospital and i don't blame you because i feel the same Way but right now it would still be a better alternative than being dead.

I take change very bad myself. I really do understand how it feels like your world falls apart when someone you could work with suddenly decides to leave. Because there's souches trust and vulnerability involved and it feels so overwhelming just the thought of having to start over with someone else. But please trust me when i say she's not the only good therapist you can find. There are others!!!! You are not a lost cause, you just struggle to be helped properly and there's a huge difference between the two. It is hard for people to let down their guard and be vulnerable in front of someone else and it must be even harder when your options of communication are limited. But i assure you that there Will be someone else out there who can accomodate to your specific needs.

Will you please try to hold on until monday and then maybe ask her if she knows of someone else she could see you working with???? I know it's a huge thing to ask but i am really, really, really sure that you can find someone else who can be as much help to you as she has been.

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