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Hey, I am not going to lecture you about 24 not being old....but I do think that there are a few options for you. Family expectations are a serious pressure, and from my experience I've had to wait until I was....a lot older than you to follow my dreams. Have you ever met an electrical engineer? Have you ever worked in a doctor's office? Maybe you can see if you can get some meet and greet and shadowing opportunities to see if either lifestyle is right for you.

Entering the world of work may also help, and maybe there is an opportunity to work over summer in either setting to get a feel for the work.

Definitely try to talk to your grandparents. I did have the actual experience of someone who was supporting me dying, and having to put my dreams on pause. However, I didn't stop dreaming. Eventually I got to follow my dream. Things aren't better as a result- because I still live with mental health issues, but I do count my blessings and take each day at a time.

If you are doing something you love, there are no rules about what age you are or have to be to reach your dreams.

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