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ugh this is so tough and so hard for me to comment on because i feel like my advice would be **** but i am going to try...

so i am in my late 20s and i still don't know what i want to do. i have done an apprenticeship for 2 years and then went to university for another 3.5 and then worked a bit in customer service which anyone could have done. wanted to kill myself every day working that job. it let to a major depressive episode which i was barely able to manage only after thankfully getting the right meds to keep me going. i quit my job and lived in Canada for a year (best decision ever!!!) and only worked like super random jobs like sales person and room attendant. but honestly? i was happier than i had ever been in an office job with a steady income and regular work hours.

now that i am back home (even though only temporarily) i work in a restaurant and a café and just barely make ends meet. for me it is more about not hating to go to work, not hating to get up every day, not wanting to actively die every single day. it's tough. i haven't found what i really enjoy doing and that actually pays money to maintain a somewhat normal life style. it's tough if you live in a bigger city (i'm in Europe) and have to pay rent and living expenses because minimum wage is way too low.

if i have learned anything it is that you should always do what YOU want to do, not what other people want or expect you to do. find yourself (that sounds silly), try different jobs and things and see what you enjoy doing and then go with that. you are "only" 24.. there is so much time. maybe quit school for a bit and work random jobs and see whether you like it or can really see yourself going back to school and following your dreams. i worry about wasting my time ALL the time. i feel like a failure most days, like i am never going to have a "proper" job and having people constantly judge me. it's tiring. i hope you can figure it out though, don't stress about the age thing, try to figure out what you love and what feels good. it'll be fine ;)
I know man, at least i kinda figured out that i don't wanna be a engineer! I will try to work on my self esteem , because the way till i enter in medical school will be hard!

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