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Help about my career

I'm having doubts about the career I chose. I'm 24 years old, and I'm studying electrical engineering at the moment , but I'm starting to dislike it (I find some subjects EXTREMELY BORING). Next year, I'm thinking about dropping out of college and start studying to go to medical school, which is the course that I really wanted, ( I know it sounds really dumb, but I took certain paths in life that led me far away from my goal )....
the problem is that :

* I feel VERY old (if I stay on engineering , in about 3 years I will have a degree. If I try medical school, , I would finish college with 32-33)
* I live with my grandparents, and I depend on them financially. I'm very afraid that if I change my course, they die when Iím in the middle of medical school. In that case, I would have to drop out, and find a ordinary job so I donít starve to death.

Honestly i donít know if I give up having a degree earlier to follow my childhood dream, or i continue engineering until I find a subject / area that i will enjoy studying, and maybe even working in the future ...
Its too late to achieve financial independence only after my 30ís? Throw away my final 20ís having no money, and pass my weekends studying in my bedroom while everyone is having a life outside, OR have a lifetime working on something so boring that i want to kill myself every day ? Itís too late to make a decision like this?
This dilemma, has been killing me since the beginning of the year, when I tried to drop out of college and put my plan into practice, but I ended up giving up because i had FEAR. What should I do? Iím crying almost every week thinking that maybe I throwed away the best years of my life studying something that I think it was the best for me, for the wrong reasons (money, mainly).

PS: I do not live in the United States, so I donít have to pay ONE CENT for my education , which makes my case less terrible I think because If I change my course i didnít spent money at least, only life years Ö

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