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Encouraging medical/ health care students to disclose- when your illness in the "past" *link trigger

If the applicant has bipolar disorder or chronic depression that is well managed and the applicant is currently healthy, he or she may answer ďno.Ē But if, in the case of a malpractice action, the applicant is shown to be taking medication, the applicant could be accused of lying on the application and lose his/her medical license (as well as the liability case), since the chronic disorder could be construed as interfering with the clinicianís ability. *(Article potentially triggering)

This has had an impact on the medical profession- especially in training.
The language was used of having a "past" mental health condition implies a lack of understanding of the psychopathology, treatment and possibility of relapse.

Medical students with addiction or mental illness history should disclose. Whether a university has an occupational health officer, or they are under the care of a surgery or student health service or outpatient clinic- by disclosing there is a means of monitoring their recovery and establishing a place to go to if they relapse and require intervention.

Unfortunately, confidentiality is not ensured, stigma is not avoidable- and the very professionals who teach and work in healthcare find it challenging to accept their colleagues as patients, clients and service users.

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