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Originally Posted by liljenni View Post
I was very bullied growing up, the whole time from 2nd grade till graduation.

Is there any programs I can get involved with? Id like to speak to kids about bullying, and what it does. I want to become active in anti-bullying education and efforts. It has hurt me so bad in life, and if I can do anything to combat it Id love to donate time and money.
for me, i worked my way up the ladder, so to speak. i started out by defending one boy at my school, and it caught on and now hardly anybody picks on that one boy (who used to be severely bullied for being autistic) still gotta work on the rest of the kids getting bullied (it's mostly my age group doing the bullying... lucky me...) and the younger kids are the ones getting bullied.
anyway, what i'm trying to say is start out small and it may turn into something big and great one day



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