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1. Are you ready for 100 questions?

2. Do you watch college football?

3. Who will fill this survey out after you?
I don't know.

4. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
Bennett, I think.

5. Do you love anyone?
In what way?

6. Are you happy?
I'm not sure.

7. Where was the last place you went shopping?
I can't remember.
Actually, it was about two weeks ago.

8. How do you feel about your hair?
It's fine.

9. Where do you work?
Just finished, but I might be going back in a month or so.

10. Last thing you ate/drank?

11. Do you wish you were someplace else right now?

12. Do you have any pet peeves?

13. Do you have any expensive jewelry?

14. AIM or Yahoo?

15. Do you like maths?
Not really.

16. How many hours on average do you work a week?
I did about 30.

18. Favorite baseball team?

19. Favorite NBA team?

20. Do you watch the Olympics?
Not usually.

21. Last restaurant you went to?
Can't remember.

22. Who was the last person to call you?

23. What’s your sign?
I was Libra but now I'm Virgo. Dunno why.

24. Do you have a favorite number?

25. Last time you did volunteer work or made any donations?
I can't remember.

26. What do you spend the majority of your money on?
Alcohol and cigarettes.

27. Where does your family live?
Around Ireland, in Canada and Belgium.

28. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
A younger sister.

29. Ever been called a bitch?
Haha, yes.

30. Got any guilty pleasures?
Of course.

31. Do you drink beer?

32. Whats your favorite color?

33. Did you ever collect Beanie Babies?

34. Ever bought anything online?

35. Myspace or Facebook?

36. Do you have T-Mobile?

38. Do you sometimes wish you were someone else?
Used to.

41. Last time you saw your parents?
A minute ago.

42. Do you have any talents?

43. Ever been in a wedding?
I've been at one.

44. Do you have any children?

45. Last movie you watched?

46. Are you missing anyone at the moment?

47. Did you take a nap today?

49. Ever been on a cruise?

50. Did you notice number 40 was missing?

52. Do you have any wealthy friends?
I dunno, I think so.

53. Ever met anyone famous before?

54. Favorite actor?
I'm not too sure.

55. Favorite actress?
As above.

56. Are you multi-tasking right now?

57. Could you handle being in the military?
Probably not.

58. Are you hungry or thirsty?
A bit thirsty.

59. Favorite fast food restaurant?
BK Lounge, probably. Or Burdox's

61. What is your average cell phone bill?
I'm not on bill pay.

62. Do you own a camera phone?

63. Ever had to take a sobriety test?

64. Do you believe in Karma?

65. Can you speak any other languages?
Irish and French badly.

66. Last time you went to the gym or worked out?
Years ago. I was dragged along. It was not fun.

67. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Four. I wear two.

68. Do you have a photo hosting site that you use?

69. Last place you were?
The cinema.

70. What is your college mascot?

71. Ever been to Las Vegas?

76. Have you ever been gambling?

77. How old are your parents?
50 & 51.

78. When is the last time you updated your blog?

79. Do you have your wisdom teeth?

80. Favorite place to be?
I'm not sure. I have a few, I guess.

81. Have you been to New York City?

82 Favorite sit down restaurant?
I'm not sure.

83. Ever been to Disney Land?

84. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
The whole Family Guy cast of characters would definitely be up there.

85. Last thing you cooked?
Scrambled eggs.

86. How is the weather today?

87. Do you email?

88. Last letter/piece of mail you received besides junk or a bill?
Some Windows Live update yoke.

89. Last missed call?
Who knows.

91. Last voicemail you received?
I can't remember. The last one I got was probably three years ago.

92. Do you drunk dial/text?

93. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
Broke it in half when I was drunk?

94. What is the best city in the state that you live in?
Only lived in Dublin.

96. Did you just die?
Yes, in fact.

97. Are you bored right now?
Not particularly.

98. Last concert you went to?
One in Belgium last summer. Well, it wasn't really a concert, just a gig in a big bar.

99. What do you think about before you go to bed?

100. What are your plans for tomorrow?

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