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I said I needed help at the assessment. I told them about the Man. A friend rang crisis and they said they would get me help and they haven't.

I self referred for counselling and did an assessment a few weeks ago and they wouldn't take me on.

Alice is scared and she can't find her penguin. The man has been very threatening tonight. He rattled the door handle. Nomlly He just watches. Bertie hissed a lot. So I hid in the cupboard under the stairs and then I self harmed to protect us. No point calling the police. They won't come. The ambulance said that the other day.

Why does no one care enough to help keep me safe? Bertie Alice and I are in bed now. We hope the Man will be content that I absorbed enough Evil with the self harm.

I hope somebody is around now.

Given enough tea I could rule the world.

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