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Thank you Emma <3

I've been saying all these 'strong' things to my friends who I showed the message to but it does get on my nerves a bit that he is talking about me in this way and obviously passing on that I have "depression/self esteem issues" etc. I just feel so uncomfortable about that.

This message was after I posted about it on fb. With many of the people I told I, for some unknown reason, gave him the decency of not using his name. I regret this now. He's obviously used my name and my facebook profile has been given to this girl so she can abuse me.

I've been distracting myself by looking up costumes for an event I am excited about, and talking to my friends about the text and how awful she is and how I am stronger.

But that doesn't mean this isn't stinging and running around and around in my head.
I refuse to get involved as it will only ever make things worse (she won't see my side!) but I have so many questions I'm never going to find out.
I hate hate hate how he is talking about me. It's to be expected I guess but it feels like I'VE done something wrong. I haven't, I promise I haven't.

Maybe I should have kept quiet

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