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Maybe it's too late to live and feel safe
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I wear make-up and heels on a daily basis, but I don't expect anyone else to - my 'fussy feminine sh*t', as it has been referred to, is a product of supreme insecurity and constantly being told how I have to look/act. I agree that beauty comes from within (although it makes me extremely unattractive, lol) and I think that the most beautiful person is someone who is comfortable with themselves, whether that's in a 'make-up, skirts, heels' way or a 'tracksuit, comfy' way.

Just adding my copper to the sum :)

Ask me mistakes I have made
Ask me whether what I have done is my life

Others have come, in their slow way -
And some have come to help, or to hurt -

Ask me what difference
Their strongest love or hate has made.

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