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Falling apart

There is a girl I know who found out about my self harm she had recovered from self harm herself so I put a lot of trust in her being we were good friends befor she saw the cuts. Not very long after she started telling people and hurt me alot and made thimgs worse for me. She recently texted me wanting me back after 3 months. I did not want to be her friend but she played the depressed card (she uses her own mental health to get her own way shes told me this yet I still fall for it) it hasent even been 2 weeks and shes had me suspend from school and told my entire family about my self harm. My entire wourld is crubling down around me and my family may send me away becuase im too stressful for them to deal with. I cant face her and I cant sleep. My life is ruined I dont want to wake up. I dont want to be alive. This may be my last post not like anyone even cares I cant even type anything going on in myself let alone talk to someone about it. I have only been cutting deeper and deeper scared of cutting to deep but now I am no longer afraid and would be happy to cut to deep.

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