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Borderline&etc/trying to have compassion for myself


Since I was last here I
  • was dismissed from my job due to my mental health [uh saw I posted about that, but some folks may have missed that]
  • had a major Borderline type psychosis breakdown
  • looked after my parents who were both unwell at once
  • have been seeing the CMHT consultant psych
  • had Mirtazapine changed to Vortioxetine, 3rd line anti-depressant, yay me
  • got diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa
  • got diagnosed with EUPD, Borderline type [BPD]

And my therapist is ending our work at the end of January, and I'm supposed to have treatment from the ED service. But I need to be assessed [again, long story] yet.

I'm really struggling with my BPD/EUPD at the moment. It's like since I've been diagnosed it is coming up very very clearly to show all it's symptoms in lurid technicolour. I mean, awareness is great, but this HURTS.

I'm struggling to find compassion for myself. Any ideas of how to start? All I see is the nasty stuff, making me hate myself more..

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