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you are loved and beautiful :)
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numb: as salanna and absi have both said, it is a sin, and god does forgive our sins... but that doesnt mean He wants you to do it. he wants us to come to him, and he'll always be waiting, but you can't stop for anyone but yourself. please try to talk to someone, be it a pastor, friend, youth leader- but it is definitely helpful to have a strong Christian to talk to about things, i know that through personal experience. So to sum it up, God forgives us for anything.. but he wants us to get help and turn to him. please try to take care. god bless, ~Heather (and as casting crowns says- 'you know just how far the east is from the west... from one scarred hand to the other'

inherent: please... try to get out now. the longer you go... the harder it is to stop. you're in my prayers, and maybe try speaking to one of your youth leaders or something about why you've started si'ing. it's not going to be easy to beat... but like any addiction- it'll be so much harder the longer you wait. and i know how bad it feels to feel like a hypocrite- i reccommend listening to 'Stained Glass Masquerade' by casting crowns if you're feeling like that- it basically says 'the people of the church feel like they need to pretend to be perfect to go- but god takes us as we are- broken and weak as we are.' and you're NOT the only Christian feeling like it- most people do. everyone has sin, no one is perfect. take care, and god bless xx

that being said... i need prayers that i can be honest with my counselor and figure out what God's plans are for my life... cause i'm thinking of taking a semester off for j-term and maybe spring semester and doing an ip ed program... but i have to decide soon and i've been praying about it... but i'm still no closer to an answer. so prayers for wisdom, openness, and just peace in this battle between (to quote casting crowns AGAIN- 'who i am and who i used to be... who i was and who you're making me')

god bless, love you all *new poems in c/c*

“The good things don’t always soften the bad, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”
“Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. Do you know, in nine hundred years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.”
“If it’s time to go, remember what you’re leaving. Remember the best. My friends have always been the best of me.”

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