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Hear these words for all christians who self harm and have issues with it when it comes to God:

You can beat it. It has nearly been six weeks since i put a tool to my wrist. You ask, how has she done it? Go for that long and she`s sure to have a relapse! I say NO. Pushing into God, constantly praying, reading the Bible, singing my praises to God with the Christian music that i listen and being in a connect group, where i meet with other female christians around my age and my leader.... i couldnt thank her enough for how much the girls didnt give up on me. When i had given up on myself, i turned to God. Even though, when you dont feel that great within yourself and you have heaps of issues with yourself and the world, for me, always attending church, even when i didnt feel like it, boosted my level of happiness and self worth. My leader has told me that you need to still trust God even when things are bad, its difficult, but not impossible. My life has changed suddenly for the better. Im not saying that everything is all nice and rosy, because it isnt i am still going through hard times, but i have found that putting my 110% faith into Jesus has helped me so much with my life and getting ahold of many different things for me.

If you ever want to talk my msn is or email ne one is welcome to chat or ask for a prayer or even just a cyber hug or a cyber "i know what it feels like and i am here for you".

god bless


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