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Originally Posted by Mockingbird:. View Post
*Cuddles Shona*
Thanks, it means a lot. I guess it's the feeling of inadequacy that comes with it, feeling like a 'fake'. Hmm, either way, one day, hopefully, I'll have the guts to go out in short sleeves without worrying or thinking too much of it.
*Cuddles you* Shona's post was right on. it is important to know everyone has scars wether they are from an accident or self harm or whatever the reason maybe. I know it's hard to believe sweetie but people won't assume 'oh my goodness she did it to herself' It is also your choice to tell them what really happened to your arm. I know how being 'deformed' isn't fun, but I assure you most people won't even think about that. Strangers may look at you and question; once again that is up to you if you tell them.

Amy please don't hesitate to pm me if you need anything sweetie!

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