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Don't bother doing 90% of the work, it's busy work and no-one will notice if you don't bother.
Stand up for yourself because no-one else will.
Never bring in anything you won't mind losing, breaking, having stolen.

Monarkh is my lovely big sister. PunkyFairy07 is my wonderful mama. Starbright is my crazy eccentric Auntie. i-used-to-be-positive is my bunch of roses big sister LostDaisy is my shooting star BinkyDonkey is my ex-wife little_unicorn is my great great grandmother Concrete angel is my OddClubLady Domicile of madness is my wonderful purple sheep Zedmeister is the one who gives me faith
Co owner of Judas the super Doberman puppy

Protected by Daisy The best in body guards

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