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I have my mom but she doesnt really understand the cravings for lack of a better word. And I started picking at them again this weekend. Not quite as bad but still sucks. I've spoken to my therapist and we are working through it. I dont feel quite as guilty now as i did which I consider at least some kind of improvement
I think the guilt honestly made it more difficult for me to recover.

When I quit convincing myself I should be ashamed of myself or that I needed self-harm to get through the day,or that I could find something exactly like it to replace it (I never will and I realized that's ok,) I found recovery easier. this is just my experience and it's easier said than done, but I thought this may be of use. Take it or leave it.

Don't beat yourself up over a relapse. focus on prevention rather than bullying or policing yourself. I actually wonder if that sort of thinking can sabotage the recovery progress and revert people back into old habits. Relapses aren't ideal, but they're not the end of the world. Remember that.

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