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Scars, I love and hate mine. Today at work I was moved off tills and paired up with another girl. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt but you can see the scars on one of my hands, when she saw she sounded shocked and asked what happened. I was kinda caught on the spot, someone I didn't really know well yet etc, I just said it was from a while ago and was nothing. It hurts to know I have all these scars, I am only really comfy showing them with scouts but still they ask and it is also difficult. I don't know how much more they will fade. But sometimes it hurts when you think they will prob always be there, you will have to answer questions for most my life. Scars I guess we will have to live with, maybe work on reducing them, but most will be there in the future, just learning to deal with them and how to deal with questions is the hard part.

Sorry thats not much help but it is how I am thinking just now...sorry

Devil x

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