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apparently you can phone/go online and describe your symptoms and if you are suspected they give you a unique reference number which when taken to a pharmacy will be swapped for tamiflu.

they are no longer trying to differentiate between swine flu and other coughs/colds/flu-like illnesses, if you have the symptoms in most areas you will be prescribed tamiflu.

a couple of questions.
1) are pregnant women and young children in the at risk groups? the news seemed to say pregnant women are, and babies don't have a developed immune system.

2) my brother has been coughing and sneezing for weeks, with red eyes, has never suffered from hayfever before and it's not really cold season. now chloe has runny nose and sneezing a lot and sometimes a mild fever. matt and i are both sneezing too now... should we be worried? i have so many pregnancy appointments, midwife, blood tests i cancel them all just in case?
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