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What an odd thing for a therapist to do. Can you contact them and ask for a referral to someone else??? I know it isn't excatly a nice thing to have to do but jeez, these people can be really uncooperative. If they won't see you anymore they could at least let you get a chance with someone else. Things like that make me kind of angry.

Can you tell your psychiatrist that you are holding back out of fear of being sectioned??? Maybe they would be able to suggest something else than an admission but it can be hard if they don't have the full picture. I do understand your reluctance and please don't feel pressured by my words to do so if you don't feel like it.

Just because you feel unworthy of help doesn't mean you wouldn't benefit from it. Sometimes it's a struggle in itself to find the right kind of help, but boy does it make a difference when you do.
I hope you can hold on and give it a chance. Keep talking here too.

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