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Thank you very much for you reply.

I'm working with a psychiatrist who even prescribed me antidepressants at one point, but I had terrible physical side effects, and he wasn't willing to prescribe me anything else after that episode, unless it's absolutely necessary. Although I have to admit I am not completely honest with my psychiatrist, because if I was I would be sectioned and I absolutely cannot afford that. I also used to be in therapy, but after my overdose my therapist labeled me us uncooperative and refused to continue seeing me. I was promised to eventually be referred to someone else, but it has yet to happen, I'm on a waiting list indefinetely.

I just see so many people really wanting to get better and trying so hard to be given resources to do so. And then there's me, a total waste of resources and effort. On the other hand I kind of understand it might be a vicious cycle - I might see the point of me getting help after I get it...

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