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newbie says hello and vents frustrations!

hi everyone!
Im new here and thought I would introduce myself.Ive recently come out of hospital about 9 weeks ago with anorexia it took me 5 months to put on 2 stone,9 weeks down the line and I have nearly lost it all and been told Im going to have to ga back in really frustrated with myself while I wasin hospital I went for an interview to do mental health nursing at uni and somehow got offered a place for sept..this isnt going to happen npw as there is no way i will get cleared by occy so annoyed that even the one thing that I really want to do hasnt helped me turn this around..I didnt think my behaivours could get any worse than before I was admitted in sept but they somehow are i feel totally out of control and really dont want to have to go back in hosp ...sorry for theramble when Ive only just joined

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