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Can you be more specific about what that might look like though? What types of things would make you feel like they cared? That's pretty vague. Where if you can go in and say, I need xyz because connection is a really important value to me, and I am not currently getting that. It is important to me that to feel that my providers care about me, and they could help show that by doing xyz things. Or they could help me build connections by doing xyz.

Maybe if you could come up with some specific things, not only could that help them understand you a bit better and show that they care in ways more meaningful to you, but maybe you could also then be able to recognize it a bit better.

Just thoughts you can take or leave. It just seems like connection to others is something that's really important to you. But if you're not aware of what that looks like from others or how to recognise it, that's gonna be difficult to get validated.

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