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Is the last person you kissed mad at you?

How do you feel about the person who texted you last?
Steph is top tier bae.

Do you like anyone right now?
Hate everyone fer lyf.

Do you think you are an argumentative person?
Lol ya.

Has this week been good?
Yes :)

Who is the next person you'll kiss?
Dexy's Midnight Runner.

Ever driven into the ghetto to buy drugs?
I am the ghetto.

Can you read other people's expressions?

When was the last time something bothered you?
Today lul.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel?

Have you ever dated someone who was not good to you?

Do you believe that you are a good girlfriend or boyfriend?
I'm too ragey.

When's the last time you cried?
Quite a while ago.

How did you feel when you woke up today?
Properly hanging.

Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?

Was yesterday better than today?
Somewhat. More fun.

What time did you go to sleep last night?
6ish am.

Who did you last shoot a dirty look at?
Probably my cat.

Are you happy right now?
Fine ya.

Who are you talking to?

What colour are your eyes?

Name a quote from the song you're currently listening to?
'Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye
Eileen I'll hum this tune forever.'

How tall are you?

How's your heart lately?
Not quite so scatty!

The last song you listened to?
Rinse And Repeat - Riton

Next concert you're going to?

Have you ever been around someone who was high?
Just last night for one.

What does the last text message in your inbox say?
'Yes no problem. Can give them you tomorrow.'

Does it matter to you if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes?
No, and it does look sexy...

Is it hard for you to get over people?
Completely depends doesn't it.

Are you crazy?

What are you looking forward to?

Looking back, did you ever waste too much time on a certain boy or girl?

What's your favourite card game?

Who was the last person you called?

Anything you're giving up on?

Are you open about your feelings or closed off?
I'm getting better at saying how I feel.

Think of the person you told "I love you" last, did you mean it?
I think it was my dog so ya.

Do any of your friends have any of your clothes at the moment?

What's your myspace song right now?
It was probably Avril Lavigne or Jeffree Star.

Whats a goal you wanna reach soon?
Stop drinking as much.

Ever cried because of happiness?

What's some things people hate about you?

Thought about someone today?
Went through the entire day without considering a single soul.

What do you hate about your best friend?

Are you in love with the last member of the opposite sex you spoke to?
It was my manager so hope not.

Overall mood today?
Just plodding along.

What's something you say too much?
'like erm' 'i kno right' 'incredible' 'dead'

Last game you played and with who?
Pokemon Go with S!

Know anyone who's been drunk recently?
We were a state yesterday tbf.

Are you happy with who you are?
Happier most days.

Do you judge others?
It's like a hobby.

Do you enjoy drama?
Oh I do.

Who do you tell everything to?

Did you speak to your mother today?

How many months until your birthday?

What are you listening to?
Fancy by Iggy Azalea literally destroy me.

What colour is your hair?
Brown and boring.

Who's bothering you right now?
Probably my overthinking.

What makes you happy?

When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?

Do you miss someone?

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 3 months?
Have done.

Who was the last person you gave your number to?
Someone from work probably.

Where is your number one right now?
My Myspace number one lol?

How was your day, what'd you do?
Woke up hanging, went to say bye to M but he was asleep still. Went home ate shepherds pie, tidied up a bit, replied to some messages, dossed about. Now I might go and play xbox or watch Peep Show.

Are you taking anyone for granted?

Where do you hide your money?
In my bag it seems!

How did you wake up this morning?
I woke up this afternoon.

Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset?
Sunrise after you've been up drinking all night, sunset when you're at the beginning of what will be a lovely night, a treat would be seeing both.

Last time someone surprised you?
Few days ago?

What's the last bone you broke?
Never have.

How many letters are in your last name?

Do you curse a lot?
All the ****ing time.

Do you drink bottled water?

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

What's something you wish you could understand better?

Have you lost friends in the past years?

What's the last thing that made you smile?
My phone making a cheesey automatic compilation video of the pictures and videos we took last night, complete with jarg soundtrack.

What are you doing?
This, listening to Simple Minds.

Favourite song?
Can't stop listening to Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins atm.

Oh god I want to hear you say,
I want to hear you say that you were wrong again

This is the first thing
I have understood:
Time is the echo of an axe
Within a wood.

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