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Don't let your past define who you are now.
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I am currently:

The pain that I feel consumes me.
I might as well float to the bottom of the sea.
No one around me seems to truly care.
They will ask me if I’m okay but they aren’t aware,
Of the pain that I’m daily going through.
I truly wish this situation wasn’t true.
But what can I do since it doesn’t matter,
My heart is already about to shatter.
I might as well become numb to the pain,
So I can continue acting like I’m sane.

"Sometimes I Wish I could save you.
And there's so many things that I want you to know..
I won't give up till it's over, if it takes you forever I want you to know that...If you fall, stumble down,
I'll pick you up off the ground. If you lose faith in you,
I'll give you strength to pull through.
Tell me you won't give up
'cause I'll be waiting if you fall,
you know, I'll be there for you." -Save You by Simple Plan

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