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I was diagnosed with Aspergers back in 2005, and all of my psychiatrists since then have agreed with this diagnosis with the additional diagnosis including bipolar 1 and possibly PTSD.

I got a new psychiatrist recently and he said that he doesn't think I have aspergers, that I have...

A thought disorder, social phobia, and synesthesia...

(In addition to the bipolar 1 and PTSD)

which makes it LOOK like I have aspergers. I've asked him before to explain this using the argument, "Isn't a thought disorder part of the diagnosis for autism?" And similar questions.

I'd just like some feedback on this because it's very confusing to me. Especially since it's been with me so long it feels part of my identity, but also I've received accommodations through school and college my entire life for it which was my first concern. I asked him about that and he said, "Oh don't worry I'll tell your college you have ASD for accommodations, they wouldn't understand the difference. But you are in need of accommodations similar to someone with autism"

I was just wondering if anyone knows some information about this breakdown or have been diagnosed with any of those disorders.

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