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First off I know it was a while ago in the thread now but I can very much relate to you feeling like they always focus on EUPD- I've had similar frustrating experiences

I'm sorry that you're struggling so much. I can see how your mind very quickly interprets lots of things as "aha, I must be worth nothing" and whilst hopefully that could be improved if you had access to psychological therapy, given that they're not offering that you'd think they could at least be very careful about ensuring that you do feel valued and worthy of their time! Which you absolutely are. When did they rearrange the visit to? If it's already happened, I hope it went well.

If you don't feel able to directly remind staff to read the agreed plan (I agree that that's scary!) would you feel able to tell a staff member you trust or your CPN after you deal with someone who clearly hasn't read it? Then they can try to fix that.

I don't know if this helps at all, but these people are paid to look after you. It is their job and you do not have to do anything to deserve their care and support. And I bet a lot of them are glad when it's you they are visiting or talking to, as they will deal with many people significantly less pleasant than you!

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