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So I talked with my psychiatrist today. He at least is always very empathetic when I mention my weight concerns and he said let's see if it stabilizes at all. He mentioned that one of the medicines I take since it got increased while I was inpatient recently could be to blame. We had a very open discussion about other options and since I see him in a month again he may do some tweaking of medicines and see where I am emotionally to know what to do with medications and maybe increase some that can help me lose weight. I know that overall my mental health is more important than my weight, and yet my weight quite often can affect my mental health. They're all interconnected. Thankfully right now I'm doing really well emotionally and I'm just trying to hang in there with the eating disorder. Still having a lot of restricting urges and then that makes me want to overeat at the same time. So frustrating. Feels like a never-ending battle! And to answer some of the above mentioned questions, yeah I have Medicare and Medicaid and they cover so little. Especially since I'm in central Ohio and it really has a very limited amount of support for eating disorders. There's actually only the one place that treats eating disorders and that's the place that I cannot go because they do not accept Medicaid. I can't go to Cleveland it's too far away. Believe me I have explored all the options I have and I basically have none. So I'm just doing the best I can and relying on God to get me through this. Thanks for the support

I am still me no matter what SIZEor shape I am!

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