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I know losing a therapist and support can be really difficult. How are you getting on with things since you found that out?

If your psychiatrist believes your meds are stable, is it worth asking if they can speak to your CNP to advocate for checking into other health things?

Your therapist should be able to refer you to someone else, legally they have to offer referrals. Can you chase up the referrals they give you and see if seeing someone else is an option? Is seeing someone who does not specialise an option? Like I said, for me it was really helpful to see someone who isn't trained in eating disorders, as it allowed me to focus on the other issues going on. Even if they don't have a CEDs or are trained specifically in EDs, that doesn't mean they cannot help you in other ways so you are not alone with everything.

Most dietitians that specialize in eating disorders unfortunately don't even take insurance. I've yet to find one that does in my area, though in bigger cities you can find ones that do. You could try contacting some and ask about low cost or payment plans, even for just a one off session to get your meal plan up to date.

I don't know your specific insurance, but Eating Recovery Center (ERC) has a virtual IOP now that if you live in Ohio some insurance plans will cover- not Medicaid though. Also if you have Medicaid I believe last I checked The Emily Program in Cleveland does take some of the Ohio Medicaid managed plans. Unfortunately with ed specific options, resources can get limited depending on where you live. But that doesn't necessarily mean you should rule out other types of non specialised treatment if they exist.

You can also try using the resources that NEDA and ANAD offer, some of which are free. I know there's groups and other support options that typically don't have fees if you can find one in your area.

There's also apps like Recovery Record which are usually free to use if you don't want to connect it to a provider.

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