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I have read a lot about it, and did find that helpful. I keep the leaflet that came with so I can go back and read it if I feel uncertain about things I'm experiencing. It's only been like two weeks, so it obviously hasn't really started working. I do think there's been some minor side effects though, because I've been noticing increased nausea (although it's thankfully very little) and I sweat a lot more, especially at night. Which is kind of annoying, but not something I can't deal with.

I'll see how things continue developing. I'm seeing my psychologist tomorrow, so I think that will be helpful. And like I talked about further up, I was finally able to talk to my roommate - he's very supportive. I also talked to my mum last night, so I actually told her about it. I'm still confident that I've made the right decision, so I hope I keep feeling like this.

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