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Thanks for the response!

I talked to one of my roommates yesterday and told him that I was going to the doctor today. The pamphlet that came with said it could be a good idea to tell someone you're starting meds so they can help you look out for any negative changes, so maybe I'll talk to him.

I talked to my mother a few months ago about how it was something I was considering, but she seemed to feel like it was something she had done wrong that made me need that kind of help, so I'm not sure if I should tell her now. She doesn't have anything to do with my depression, and I don't want her to think that either. I'll probably wait a bit before I tell her and my dad.

I'm thinking I'm going to get it ready tonight, because for the first week I'm only taking half a tablet instead of the entire thing, so maybe that will make it easier in the morning.

Thanks again for the response. It's does help.

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