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Originally Posted by Narcissa View Post
As far as I'm aware there's just four different pay scales: England & Wales, Inner London, Outer London and 'Fringe' London. But then of course each of those is a scale, so I don't know who gets to decide where on that scale an individual's salary is. Liv, do you know? You know ALL the things about teaching!!
yep there are 4 scales. Then within that scale you start at M1 which is the lowest pay and based on the school giving you points you can move all the way to M6 on the pay scheme. Then if you get to the holy grail of being an 'excellent teacher' as deemed by the headteacher you get 'excellent teacher pay.' Which is some mythical thing that most teachers never see. Once a year the school reviews you and decides if you get to go up a level.

However now the government is going to let head teachers set the salary and scrap the 4 region pay, because schools arent enough of a political battleground as it is!

With private schools it is different because parents are paying fees. Although it is seen as likely that you will be paid more for being a teacher at an independent school it really does depend on what type, if for example you work at a private religious school your pay will be low, if you work at a well established school you will get more money. However the perks of working in a private school, if it is a boarding one which most are is that you are likely to get free housing. Therefore it may seem like these teachers are earning more money, whereas it is more likely to just be the head teacher who is earning more.

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