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Originally Posted by Mrs Sam View Post
My friend works in the Emmanuel group. I could tell you so many hilarious stories!!

Academies I've worked with have been mixed. Some have changed for the better and some are no different. I haven't come across any that hae been worse those.

Jenna which school in Durham do you mean? I live in Durham and am curious!
I want to hear your hilarious stories!

*high fives for living in Durham*

Gilesgate is become 16-19 instead of 11-19, so basically they're closing the main school and just leaving the sixth form. That part is definitely true, but I've been googling about this Academy business and not found anything at all, so either my mam's been listening to too much gossip (she's the one who told me!), or it's just not on the interwebs. I know there was talk a few years ago to merge Belmont and Gilesgate to make an academy, but I don't know if that plan was scrapped or not.

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