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Originally Posted by Dataunit View Post
Although my profile says I've been registered since 2016, I've actually been around since 2008. My overall impression is that the forum has become less popular over time. This isn't necessarily RYL's fault: Internet forums in general have been in decline because Facebook groups have taken over (which I see as a shame, because it's not good for everyone to depend on just one website).

When I was active around 2008 - 2009, I seem to recall there having been many more posts made per day. But maybe this is all just my impression: after all, I am talking about 9 - 10 years ago.
Originally Posted by Isoverity View Post
I can't see it tbh. There was no mechanism for financial support for a thriving forum. At one time there were ads for things like mortgages that kids clicked to help out but that didn't last. Not many people would be passionate enough to spend a lot of money on something that just becomes more of a burden the more successful it becomes.

Then there was the psychic toll. Running a site with 1000s of people with emotional/psychological idiosyncrasies isn't great for acquiring a bliss state. The love/hate thing was always strong and unavoidable. One person is very grateful while another person is very bitter. Its hard to stay in the center of that and I've seen other forum founders also back away after so many years.

Another thing about early forums was that members didn't grow-up with iPhones and broadband. Ruin hardly had any graphics - including avatars. Many people were limited to dial-up. People were excited by the newness of the expanding web and that's over. Kids have tablets as toddlers. More people are increasingly weary of Web 2.0. Even gaming is wearing people out with the micro transactions and formulaic knockoffs.

So many things had to fall into place for a forum to take-off. I don't think its something that can just be conjured-up. But who knows for sure? I suppose the right people with the right idea could rehabilitate some things. However the social thing would be hard. RYL had young leaders and members that sparked online and offline. Its really hard to duplicate something like that

Couldn't agree more.

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