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The BIG Welcome to RYL thread!

Hello and welcome to RYL!

We hope that, whatever reason you have for being here, you get some support and assistance that you need. RYL can be a bit big and overwhelming at first, so we hope this thread can help you find what you want.

Please read through this entire thread before you start posting. It contains information that will help to reduce the learning curve of being a new member.

This thread has some basic information about what you need to know for RYL as a whole, but please remember to check the stickies in each board for individual board rules.

This thread contains:
- What to post/what not to post in this forum
- First post suggestions
- The guide to chat
- How to stay safe online

Remember that if there's anything you can't find, have a look in The Guide to RYL.

Good luck!

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