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Originally Posted by Epic View Post
Yeah that is about right.

Allergies, and especially severe allergies, are another matter, obviously.

Not sure about the situation with coeliac disease.

I gather that some people who experience mild, if irritating, symptoms of intolerance, can become more intolerant after time away from the given foodstuff. So, say you suspect gluten makes you very flatulent, so you avoid it, and you aren't farting or getting wind pain anymore so you stick to the new regime, then after a time you have a slice of bread and you get diarrhoea.

Bit of a nightmare really.

Also, it is suspected that many people with gluten intolerances are in fact intolerant to a substance which is used to condition wheat, rather than the actual gluten. It amounts to the same problem for many, however, as the conditioner is almost ubiquitous.
Thanks for explaining!

Originally Posted by [Purple_Rain] View Post
I have a nut intolerance, traces are fine but actually eating them causes a reaction.
Do you get the stomach-related symptoms with nuts as well then?

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