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Taxis, uber, and lyft will likely be your best bets for getting around.

For casinos, set alarms. They don't generally have windows or clocks so it's easy to lose track of time. You might also want to bring headphones or ear plugs if you are sensitive to noise. You may also want to look them up in advance to see restaurant/food prices to know if you will be eating while there or need to plan breaks or meals elsewhere.

As far as unknown places, are there little things in your daily routines you can still do or do parts of? Are there comfort items you can bring? Photos to keep on your phone to look at? I like to bring a framed photo of my dog to set next to my bed, my favorite stuffed animal, as well as my blanket. It means I travel heavy, but those things are important to me. I also keep pictures of my dog on my phone to look at when I need to. One weird thing I do is that for example Starbucks exists internationally, so I have a go-to fancy drink that I get as a treat to myself. So if I can find a Starbucks or a certain type of candy I really like at a store, I try to get that. Or even in some cases I've brought some of my favorite foods from home too.

It might help to set aside a couple of hours each day just for yourself to be alone. I don't know if you are staying in a hotel or airbnb, or with family, but if you can find a place to go to just be by yourself with a book or even just your phone or laptop for a little bit that tends to be helpful for me. For example when traveling with my mother, I stay up late and she gets up early. So once she goes to sleep, I have the evening to myself to do what I want. Then she can get up in the morning while I am asleep and do what she wants for a bit. If alone time is important to you, make sure you set that aside in plans and let your family be aware that it will be a boundary you are setting. Another thing I would sometimes do is skip meals out or shorter outings that I was not as interested in. It might mean prioritizing which things are most important to you that day, but it's better than burning yourself out from the start. So if you can ask for even a rough outline of what days will look like to help with planning, that can be useful.

I am rambling a bit but hopefully that will help some?

Please do not give me virtual hugs unless you are only using the hug function on threads. Thanks.

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