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I work two jobs, one daytime and one third shift-ish, I fall prey to urges before the nighttime one when I wake up. I build up stress during the day, self harm at night, and then that way I get through another day.

The trouble at my daytime job pretty much revolves around cutthroat workplace drama and the fact some people don't like me and my wife working in the same office.

I have no close friends really, other than my wife. I talk to her but I don't think she really knows anymore how to help me because I am so stubbornly depressed I just tend to end up pushing her away. I don't really get along with anyone else, I'm either too weird for them or too negative. I'm actually thinking about getting a psychologist appointment sometime in the coming weeks. I want to get out of that workplace but I can't until I have myself figured out and my problems properly diagnosed.

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