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So those all sound like good things to say to providers when you go to your appointment. You might also want to think about what kinds of reactions or things they can say to you to show that they understand and have empathy. Again, the more information you can give them that is specific, the better they can tailor things to your needs.

Showing empathy and understanding can be done in a number of ways. So if you think about what ways it is more meaningful to you or easier for you to recognise, again, good information to communicate to them.

I'm not saying you need to list things here necessarily. Just, the more specific you can be to them when you go to appointments that this is important, and here is how they can do that for you, the better they can do it. If they think they are being validating and empathetic, but they're not ways you recognize or identify with, then they need to know that to change styles.

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