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Creepy unexplained stories

Does anyone have anything that they have experienced in the past that may have been unsettling or creepy that they would like to share. Like maybe you thought you saw a ghost or something strange or unexplained happened. Just for general curiosity and for fun.

I donít mean anything that was violent or anything criminal. Just something that seemed eerie and unsettling but turned out to be nothing at all. Iíll share something that happened that was unsettling for me. I was a freshmen in college. One day I was walking on the indoor track suspended over the basketball court.

It was in the middle of the day but all the lights were off in the building, even though it was opened. In this case, it was semi dark inside. The only light was from the sun coming through the windows and doors. I was listening to music and while I was walking, I noticed a figure standing in the middle of the basketball court logo.

It was only a few seconds but I noticed it was facing my direction. It turned towards the doorway leading to the lower level hallway in a super quick but silent manner. I was confused at what I saw so I went over to the stairway leading to the gym. I didnít hear anyone leave out the lower level exit or head to any other room and no one came upstairs.

I felt very creeped out and confused and I also no longer felt like I was alone in the building. Due to me feeling uncomfortable and that something was off, I calmly but quickly grabbed my bag and left the building. I returned later that day when there were other people around and when all the lights were on.

Looking back, I donít know what I saw. Most likely it was some form of hallucination due to the lighting or someone actually was there which makes me wonder what they were doing. The only thing that makes it more strange and sad is that the location of where I saw the figure was the same location the basketball coach passed away just a few months prior.

At one point I wondered if I saw some sort of figure or apparition of him but I am not really sure. Most likely it was the trick of the light or there was actually someone there acting really strange. I never had anything like that happen to me before that seemed so real and eerie. It hasnít happened since then either.

Only other thing I worried about was the possibility of it being an intruder which is also why I left quickly but there was not an intruder. Anything you would like to share that has made you feel uneasy or creeped out, but turned out to be nothing? Like I said, I donít mean anything bad that happened, just something that seemed creepy or unexplained and made you question what you saw.

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