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Thanks one_step_closer.

So far I have only one nurse I get on with who has visited. Thankfully , she visited me today and I felt listened to.

As for letting them know what I need, I find it difficult to tell them to do their job well. They need to listen and ask the right questions, not come in for 3 minutes to check if I'm eating 3 meals a day and I'm sleeping alright. You can cope, goodbye! is how they are.

The 'right questions' would be about suicidal feelings and self harm. I've had nurses just brush my experiences away because I could cope at the moment they were seeing me.

I have a mother and sister. We go out sometimes but when it comes to support there's only so much they can do as they don't understand fully.

I remember ringing up the crisis line one time and a nurse getting very angry I didn't wait until the CRT opened (it was 5 am). I was going through psychosis and self harm urges and needed more help than put ice on your wrist.

I just want them to understand what I'm going through.
Some do, some don't. I only have one nurse I can trust at the moment.

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